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Freedom Counseling Center MN (aka Andros Family Services) is an agency which consists of the practice of David Andros, MS, LP.  Since 1989, David has been counseling individuals (from pre-teen to adult), couples, and families.  One of his passions is working with couples and helping them to work through issues, conflicts, and make core lasting changes.  David also believes that real freedom  is from true transformation coming through emotional and spiritual healing and renewing of the mind.

David’s wife, Dianne, serves as the Office Manager. David holds a master's degree in counseling and is a licensed psychologist with the State of Minnesota. He is also a member of American Association of Christian Counselors, Minnesota Association of Christian Counselors.


Freedom Counseling Center is predominately a Christian-oriented counseling agency but can comfortably serve those who are not particularly interested in that perspective.  Through his years of experience, David Andros is able to share many practical helps and strategies to enable clients to reach their objectives in counseling.